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Five Steps to MeteorJS Monitoring By Stefan Thies Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript platform for developing modern web and mobile applications. It includes developer tools, websockets, MongoDB integration, and a package manager.  Atmosphere.js is the Meteor package manager.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t list many Meteor monitoring solutions. Luckily, thanks to the Meteor npm integration, it is possible to use npm packages for monitoring Meteor apps with npm based monitoring solutions, such as SPM for Node.js monitoring.  SPM for Node.js collects key Node.js metrics such as Event Loop, Garbage Collection, CPU, Memory and web services metrics. All metrics are organized in out-of-the-box charts, which can be put on additional dashboards and placed next to performance charts for other parts of the application stack and their logs for doing metric-logs correlations. Let’s s... (more)

Top @Docker Metrics | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #APM #ML #Monitoring

Container Monitoring: Top Docker Metrics to Watch By Stefan Thies Monitoring of Docker environments is challenging. Why? Because each container typically runs a single process, has its own environment, utilizes virtual networks, or has various methods of managing storage. Traditional monitoring solutions take metrics from each server and applications they run. These servers and applications running on them are typically very static, with very long uptimes. Docker deployments are different: a set of containers may run many applications, all sharing the resources of one or more unde... (more)

Sematext @ CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Berlin

On March 29-30, Cloud NativeCon + KubeCon – Berlin, Germany brings together almost 1500 developers, architects, technical leaders, CIOs, CTOs, and analysts from open source cloud native communities – all under a single roof. Come and learn about Fluentd, Kubernetes, OpenTracing, Prometheus, and more. Managing containers is typically done with cluster managers and container orchestration tools such as  Google Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, Docker Swarm, Docker Cloud, Amazon ECS, just to mention a few. While Docker provides the actual containers, a DevOps person also needs a set of too... (more)

[VIDEO] Elasticsearch for logs and metrics: A deep dive @O’Reilly Velocity

Since we work with Elasticsearch and Solr on a daily basis and know so much about them we like helping others improve their knowledge of these technologies, not only through Solr & Elastic Stack trainings, but also by sharing our knowledge in meetups and conferences. Back in November 2016, we joined O’REILLY Velocity 2016 conference, giving a talk about using Elasticsearch for logs and metrics, along with lots of good info about how to tune the logging and monitoring pipeline together. Want to try the first All-in-One Monitoring and Logging solution? Check Sematext Cloud! Get a... (more)

Sematext Solr AutoComplete: Introduction and Howto

Sematext Solr AutoComplete is an open-source Solr add-on that provides suggest-as-you-type functionality. In this post we’ll explain how you can install it, load the autocomplete collection/core with suggestions and how to run queries to get those suggestions back. Why Sematext Solr AutoComplete? Before we start, you might wonder how is Sematext Solr AutoComplete different from Solr’s Suggesters. The most important pluses of AutoComplete are: query flexibility. For example, with built-in suggesters you can choose an implementation that allows for fuzzy matches (vashin can return wa... (more)