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With the release of Solr 7 the community around it produced yet another great version of this search engine. As usual, there is an extensive list of changes, bug fixes and improvements that were introduced in version 7. Just to mention a few of the changes like deprecation of Trie field types and introduction of Point types which are faster and use less memory, API to define cluster balancing... Source ... (more)

Account Sharing in SPM, Logsene and Site Search Analytics By @Sematext | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

Using Cloud (aka SaaS) applications is natural for most of us — simply sign up with your email, login and then use the service within minutes.  The Cloud works particularly well with consumer-oriented services. Businesses, however, have slightly different needs. Up until now, Sematext Apps offered only App sharing.  For instance, if you had an SPM App for monitoring your Elasticsearch cluster, another SPM App for monitoring Spark, and a Logsene App where you shipped all your logs, you could invite one or more of your teammates to each one of those apps separately, and give them ... (more)

Top @Docker Metrics | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #APM #AI #CD #Monitoring

Container Monitoring: Top Docker Metrics to Watch By Stefan Thies Monitoring of Docker environments is challenging. Why? Because each container typically runs a single process, has its own environment, utilizes virtual networks, or has various methods of managing storage. Traditional monitoring solutions take metrics from each server and applications they run. These servers and applications running on them are typically very static, with very long uptimes. Docker deployments are different: a set of containers may run many applications, all sharing the resources of one or more unde... (more)

Solr: Optimize Is (Not) Bad for You – Video & Slides

Another Lucene/Solr Revolution happened on September 12-15, 2017 in Las Vegas. Sematext was there, exhibiting AND giving two talks! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and attended our two talks: Optimize Is (Not) Bad for You by Rafal Kuc Solr on Docker – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Radu Gheorghe The first presentation offers a closer look at what optimize or better-called... Source ... (more)

How to Detect Malicious Traffic in Your Server Logs: Sematext + Access Watch

Do you know what portion of your traffic comes from bots? Do you know which bots are good and which ones are bad? Do you know what the bad bots are up to? We all know Googlebot and consider it a good bot. It crawls your site and makes it possible for others to find you via Google. Great! What do you know about Mars? No, not the red planet – Mars is one of the top bad bots that’s probably going through your site right now. What about all the other bad bots? In the simplest case, they could be consuming your bandwidth, using up your server resources, and increasing your monthly bi... (more)