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Node.js and io.js Monitoring Support By Stefan Thies Node.js and io.js are increasingly being used to run JavaScript on the server side for many types of applications, such as websites, real-time messaging and controllers for small devices with limited resources. For DevOps it is crucial to monitor the whole application stack and Node.js is rapidly becoming an important part of the stack in many organizations. Sematext has historically had a strong support for monitoring big data applications such as Elastic (aka Elasticsearch), Cassandra, Solr, Spark, Hadoop, and HBase, as well as more traditional databases, web servers like Nginx, Nginx Plus and Apache, Java applications, cache servers like Redis and Memcached, messaging middleware like everyone's darling Kafka, etc.  With such rapid adoption of Node.js and now io.js, we'd be remiss not to add performance monitor... (more)

Top @Docker Metrics to Watch | @DevOpsSummit #APM #DevOps

Container Monitoring: Top Docker Metrics to Watch By Stefan Thies Monitoring of Docker environments is challenging. Why? Because each container typically runs a single process, has its own environment, utilizes virtual networks, or has various methods of managing storage. Traditional monitoring solutions take metrics from each server and applications they run. These servers and applications running on them are typically very static, with very long uptimes. Docker deployments are different: a set of containers may run many applications, all sharing the resources of one or more unde... (more)

Monitoring Kafka on Docker Cloud By @Sematext | @DevOpsSummit #Cloud #DevOps

Monitoring Kafka on Docker Cloud By Stefan Thies For those of you using Apache Kafka and Docker Cloud or considering it, we’ve got a Sematext user case study for your reading pleasure. In this use case, Ján Antala, a Software Engineer in the DevOps Team at @pygmalios, talks about the business and technical needs that drove their decision to use Docker Cloud, how they are using Docker Cloud, and how their Docker and Kafka monitoring is done. Pygmalios – Future of data-driven retail. Pygmalios helps companies monitor how customers and staff interact in real-time. Our retail analy... (more)

Docker Cloud Monitoring and Logging By @Sematext | @CloudExpo #Cloud #Containers

Docker Cloud Monitoring and Logging By Stefan Thies Docker Cloud is a hosted service for Docker Container Management, originally based on Tutum Cloud, which was acquired by Docker in October 2015. Sematext supported the deployment of Sematext Docker Agent on Tutum Cloud from the get-go, so naturally we were quick to add support for Docker Cloud as well. What is Docker Cloud? Docker Cloud is a container management service that supports multiple cloud providers such as Amazon, DigitalOcean, IBM Softlayer, MS Azure and Packet.net. This makes it much easier to switch Docker deployments... (more)

Introducing Logsene CLI | @DevOpsSummit #API #DevOps

by Mick Emmett In vino veritas, right?  During a recent team gathering in Kraków, Poland, and after several yummy bottles of țuică, vișinată, żubrówka, diluted with some beer, the truth came out – even though we run Logsene, a log management service that you can think of as hosted ELK Stack, some of us still ssh into machines and grep logs!  Whaaaaat!?  What happened to eating our own dog food!? It turns out it’s still nice to be able to grep through logs, pipe to awk, sed, and friends.  But that’s broken or at least inefficient — what do you do when you run multiple machines in... (more)